The Story of Morrigan Makeup

How Nicole Chose the makeup world

  Nicole(Nicki) grew up in New York experiencing the plethora of culture and designs within it.  She enjoyed it so, she'll probably never leave the tri-state area because nothing is like it.  One main reason is the entertainment industry in New York.  If it wasn't school trips taking her to the city, it was her parents or other family members going to see various shows like The Nutcracker, Les Miserable or Jesus Christ Superstar and enjoying every moment of it.  The influence to create character looks started early with costumes and props.  As she got older, makeup became a calling after watching a variety of horror films.  One in particular was, "Dead Alive" by Peter Jackson which was equally comical to her as scary!  Since then, years of self-teaching with trial and error while working at a handful of haunted attractions(Darkside, HOTLD, Bayville Scream Park) and while continuing her education in social work, the call for makeup never veered far from her career path.  Spent years at a theater day-hab program through a non-for profit organization as a costume/makeup teacher and continued the social work field until certain changes in life pushed me to further my education in makeup design.  Graduating in April 2021 from Make-up Designory in New York, she feels was impeccable timing due to enforcement of sanitary practices to fight off the recent pandemic only gave her the advantage and confidence to continue her career as a freelance makeup artist.  In something that she loves while being closer to home for her family.  She intends to teach her children to never be afraid to follow that dream that always pops up in the back of your head! 

Why Morrigan:

  The Morrígan was first and foremost a goddess of war and death. She was also the goddess of prophecy and fate, and as such saw the future of all things, including the end of the world. She was all-knowing, and would occasionally share her knowledge with others (for a price). Her prophecies were never wrong and her wordings were exact, if somewhat poetic. Her appearance to royalty and warriors also represented the side she favored in a battle. The Morrígan’s association with the raven stemmed from the bird’s constant presence on the battlefield.

The Morrígan was a shapeshifter who took many forms; she would often appear in multiple forms throughout a single story. The most common of these forms were a shapely maiden, a battle ready warrior-queen, an old crone, and a raven. While she could take the form of other animals beyond a raven, the Morrígan did so less frequently.